Walton/van Duinen

Walton/Van Duinen has a simple starting point: take the roots of Argentine tango and go forward to create an orignial, refreshing style. Mirek Walton and Gerard van Duinen are fascinated by the pure energy of the dancing tango’s from the 40’s. At the same time they want to seduce dancers with new compositions and surprising versions of classic tango’s. Walton/Van Duinen wants every concert to be a challening adventure for listeners, dancers and themselves.

Mirek’s role:
Walton/Van Duinen is a machine that creates new tango dancing music. In this machine Mirek can use his creativitiy and composition skills to the fullest. Not all tango dancers nowadays are yet convinced that dancing to live music is much more intense than to an mp3. So there is work to be done there. In addition Mirek loves to experiment a little with elctric guitar effects on the Spanih guitar. He wants to enrich his acoutstic sound, without ever losing it’s purity.

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