De Andersons

De Andersons (pronounce: “du undersons”) are a Dutch music theatre group, but they have a strong connection with Sweden. They are known for their musical theatre shows with meaning, humor, sensitivity and much variation. De Andersons are steadily conquering the theatre scene in the Netherlands. Every season a few theatres are added to the tour. Needless to say people are curious about their programmes about Cornelis Vreeswijk and Olof Palme

Mirek’s role:
Within De Andersons Mirek is the musician, who has the goal to lay the ground work enabling the two strong singer/actors – Anna Ågren (half Swedish) and Roel Dullaart – to fly. With his musical input he wants to make the theatre even more intense, lively and swinging. Alternately he’d use a soft touché to make a song even more intimate.